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Created on April 26th, 2020
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Having some online income would be awesome right ?? As far as I am aware, it really helps to have some income either to keep your projects running, or improve your hobby or personal projects, or even to fund a large scale project! So today I thought to share with you all some methods to get started with this.

I would like to mention that I haven't myself used or verified all the methods listed below, but there are thousands of users who have been making good income out of these methods. So you are most likely to get started having income through these methods!

Google Adsense

Millions of people have been making billions of dollars annually using Google adsense, so you can already think how popular google adsense is! Thousands of people are even making their lives with income from Google Adsense. This is what I personally upto!

There are two basic and easy ways to get started with Google Adsense. One of them is Youtube monetization and Website ads. Both of these methods are really easy to get started with and obviously can help you make online income with ease. But to make earning you will obviously need to have a good user base. And on top of that you will need to meed some criteria set by Google Adsense. To get started with Google Adsense, make sure you meet all the requirement set by them!

If you are either a youtube making videos and happen to have good user base, or if you are making an website and happen to have good web traffic, then this is the best choice for you to get started with making money online!

Facebook Instant Article

Facebook being the most popular social platform, I am sure you can already make a guess it is one of the most amazing choices to do some online income! I know a bunch of mine friends, who have been doing it and happened to have earned online through this method!

Facebook Instant Article all started when people accessing the internet via phones, tables and other mobile gadgets surpassed people accessing the internet via traditional computer set-ups back in 2015! So Facebook Instant Article focuses on that same thing and targets mobile users. You will need a facebook page with Admin role to start with it. What's interesting is that people can make even up to $20K with Facebook Instant Article, And you can do the same as well! To learn more about it, you can check more of the official article which describes all about Facebook Instant Article here

This method is really useful for earning money online if you happen to have a really awesome user base for your facebook page and you got some original content to post on regular basis.


Freelancing is something you all must have heard if you ever wanted to earn money online. Freelancing is something you do for someone else and take a certain amount of money for doing that specific job. Users doing so are called Freelancers. I never went this way, but this is one of the major choices for sure!

People tend to prefer this method when they happen to have skill for something and want to work on their free time or even full time. All because this method typically doesn't require you to get 24/7 into something, but instead you can work however and whenever you like (being bounded by the limits set by the one offering the task)! Also a matter of fact that you can make your living with this method. Lots of people are already doing that! Once you get into freelancing, it will be really fun to work on with, and on top of that you will make lots of money! Freelancer happens to be the site which I happen to know is really famous for this method. There might be many more of them, so let me know about other awesome ones as well.

This method happen to be really useful for the users with skill willing to do tasks fulltime/partime. Keep in mind, you are paid on the basis of the task you do!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing indeed is also an amazing way to make money online. When you have an amazing website running, you can opt in for affiliate marketing by allowing various companies to insert web links with affiliate code on your site. When visitors to your site buy product or services by clicking on those links, you get some percentage of the amount spent by the visitor. Although it is not an easy task to find a company who will be willing to opt in this. And indeed you will not make any money if the visitors are not making any purchase through the link on your site. But if you think you got what this needs, then you will make lots and lots of money with real ease!

I never have personally tried this, but I do know this reall works! Lots of youtubers and social influencers do use this method with the selling of their merchandises.


There are serveal sites out there who offer you money when you complete certain offers, surveys, or when you click an advertisement! There are some popular sites out there such as Ysense (ClixSense) which lots of people use and you will even find hundreds of people claiming to have made with such sites. But be aware, not all of those sites can be genuine. It really is upto you whether you can to trust the site and invest your time on it or not!

Aside from those online claims, I neither have ever tried this method nor do I know anyone personally who claims this method to be working. But I leave the final decision upto you completely.

Other methods

Apart from the described methods above, you can even try these stuffs out as well!

  • Consulting: You can make money via consulting others if you are expert in any field
  • Online courses: You can have some online courses to teach others and make money from it

In this article I have brief introduction to all the methods. Hopefully I will get into detailed discussion about some of these methods in some of mine future articles, so STAY TUNED! Also I am not sponsored/paid by anyone to make up this list or promote anyone/anything specific. I made up this list to help you out.

Until next time, Stay Safe!

I hope you liked the article. Make sure to leave your feedbacks or queries through the comments below!
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